Idea to Success: Waiakea Water

From a long term perspective, bottled water is a new option for the consumer on the go to choose from. In a market that was previously dominated by juices and soft drinks, bottled water has grew into a multi-billion dollar industry. New companies are entering into the bottle water business everyday, even popular soda producers have created their own brands of water.

There is water with flavors, water with vitamins and water that is just water. Companies have initiated expensive advertisement campaigns and each one promises the purest water on the market. If a company is going to be successful they need to be good at marketing and offer something new to the industry.

Waiakea Enters the Industry

Waiakea, under the leadership of Ryan Emmons, has came up with a truly innovative idea for its water. Based out of Hawaii, Waiakea runs all of its water through Hawaii’s natural volcanic rock formations. This doesn’t only filter the water, it also adds healthy minerals found within Hawaii’s volcanic waters.

This creates a slightly higher PH value in comparison to pure water. Waiakea water’s PH level is a result of the healthy minerals added to the water during the filtration process.

Along with the filtration process, Waiakea’s Water is made truly unique by its bottle. The newly announced bottle degrades at a much faster rate than normal plastic bottles. Waiakea are aware of the harm that plastic products are doing on the oceans of Earth and are doing what they can to prevent their product from harming the environment. Tons and tons of plastic that takes up to 1000 years to decompose are dropped into the oceans every year. Waiakea’s bottle decomposes in under two decades.

Ryan Emmons’ decisions have resulted in Waiakea water becoming a national hit. The product can be found in thousands of locations all across the nation. Emmons was able to take an idea he had while visiting Hawaii and turn it into a successful company.,18.htm

Jeunesse Global captures benefits of red wine without the risks

For decades, scientists have understood the benefits of wine consumption. Scientists long knew that red wine was an integral part of what was termed the Mediterranean diet. Epidemiologists and other research scientists knew that people who came from regions where the Mediterranean diet was prominent suffered from significantly reduced levels of coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke, among other diseases.

What medical professionals would come to understand only later, however, was that red wine itself was one of the main drivers of the phenomenon of reduced cardiovascular disease in those who consumed this unique diet. In fact, even within red wine itself, there are just a few ingredients that are now widely hypothesized to confer most of the benefits of consuming the beverage. Of these, the most important is a little-known substance called resveratrol.

It is now understood that resveratrol has strong antioxidant properties, leading to a protection against the damage to arterial walls that occurs when free radicals are able to bind with molecules suspended in the bloodstream, forming harmful chemicals. However, because the consumption of resveratrol has required people to also consume alcohol, medical professionals have been slow to recommend that those who do not currently drink begin drinking red wine.

In fact, as strong as the evidence that red wine leads to reduced heart disease is, the risks of alcohol consumption are such that they outweigh even the considerable benefits of red wine consumption. Until now, this has been a paradox that has gone largely unresolved.

But today, Jeunesse Global is offering a product that allows users to capture the full beneficial effect of regular red wine consumption without having to assume the risks of alcohol consumption. Known as Reserve, the health drink contains a wallop of resveratrol, the miracle ingredient in red wine. It also contains a number of so-called superfruits, which not only taste great but also have numerous proven health benefits of their own. These include blueberries, pomegranate, acai, dark sweet cherries and concord grape.

Reserve is reported by users to be one of the best-tasting health drinks that they have ever tried. It is available exclusively through Jeunesse distributors.,19.htm